Thursday, August 13, 2015

July - all my girls

This was the best I could do on this particular July early, pre-nap afternoon. I had a vision for how I wanted these pictures to turn out, but the girls and I didn't have the same vision. Charis had a mind to eat grass and sticks, and Tabitha just didn't want her picture taken. If you've interacted with Miss T lately, you would not be surprised by her unwillingness to do anything that anyone else asks her to do. My mother in-law actually remarked that she thinks Miss T is the most stubborn of all four, and that my friends, is saying quite a lot.

But here we have it, all four distinct little people. I am blessed. They are loved. And I'm learning that I need to be thankful for moments such as these.

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M & M said...

...maybe one day our visions will come to film. I can't imagine the challenge adding just one more! (and perhaps T will get better--A certainly has. she used to scream and run the other way for the camera--and did exactly the opposite of what you asked)