Saturday, July 25, 2015

Celebrating 91

 My lovely Grandma Lois turned 91 in June. And folks, she is truly one of the lovliest ladies that I know. Her zest for life and spunk, along with her gracious and joyful heart attitude in the midst of pain and suffering are the example of how I want to grow old.

Between having a baby and having a baby, we hadn't been out to Iowa to see her for a year, so it was good to get to see her again.

Our day and a half in Iowa wasn't all sunshine and roses. Charis did quite a bit of crying in the hotel and didn't settle until 2am. I am sharing this detail because it's real life; traveling with littles has its challenges. I was thankful that the older two had a slumber party with Mimi, Papa and Grandma Lois, so their sleep was unaffected. And Tabitha, the flexible girl that she is, was unaffected by her sister's crying and fell asleep in spite of the noise. The Lord, as always, provides the right amount of rest and we ended up having a lovely day to celebrate two birthdays.

As always, the pictures celebrate the best and most joyful memories. There are many.

Hannah enjoyed getting to celebrate her birthday early with her grandparents, of course!

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M & M said...

Lovely pictures! And lovely to have such a Godly example...

Miss you, friend!