Saturday, May 30, 2015

Charis is 7 months

This girl is so much fun. Seriously, this little one brings me so much joy. So. Much. Fun.

Last week a friend invited us over to swim in their pool. I heard over and over, "She is such a good baby!" And it's true. She is very good natured. Most nights, she is sleeping through the night. Occasionally, she wakes up once but usually goes right back to sleep. She also sometimes fights bedtime and cries when she sees me leave. This month, I started leaving her in the church nursery, which she's not a fan of. But to be honest, I don't mind being paged out of church for baby snuggles. I know the time is fleeting, folks. Fleeting.

Charis, you still do not have any teeth, though you like to put everything into your mouth. You are sitting really well now and started rolling regularly this month too. You love the jumperoo. Your sisters are still your favorite people and quite distracting whenever it's time to eat.

Speaking of eating, you tried solids this month but aren't a big fan. Oatmeal, bananas, and pears are all you've tried. You like to taste the food and then spit most of it out. You spend most of dinner time, chewing on your bib, trying to suck your thumb (right after the food has gone in your mouth, and trying to grab the spoon.

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