Friday, June 29, 2012

Cousins part 4 "Wildlife Prairie Park"

On the last full day that they were here, we made a morning trip to Wildlife Prairie Park. It was a hot day, and the girls were tired. So after our picnic lunch we headed home for air conditioning, popsicles and naps. But it was a good day.

The sleepy babies enjoyed themselves too :) I'm glad that Hannah can now drink from a straw. It makes keeping her hydrated much  easier!

Again, my neice and nephew enjoyed the misting sprinkler at the end of the day more than my daughter. She again contented herself with dry land.

B at one point sat in the middle of the sprinkler and smiled happily to himself as he played in the mud. Boys!

And here is Abigail enjoying the hot and very dry train.

And that wraps up their visit! Next up - Hannah's birthday!!!

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