Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hannah these days

Dear Hannah,

You are becoming quite a content little lady. I agree with Papa, you are quite a serious little girl, except when your sister is keeping you laughing. You are often content to play and watch the world go by.

You have also fallen into a routine of sorts, which consists of two naps during the day and a more relaxed bedtime routine (I do not miss your wailing and writhing!). Most nights, you fall asleep on your own. You're not a thumb sucker, and you would rather just chew on a pacifer. You like to chew on everything.

You are very quick, Hannah. Your hand eye coordination is very good. And you've been known to grab bowls, coffee cups, and anything within your reach when you're sitting in your bumbo on the table. You keep me on my toes, and I daily have to unwind your sister's long hair from your fingers.

You on the other hand are not very coordinated. In this, you are very much like your sister. You do enjoy moving on your tummy to reach a toy and will often rotate completely while on your tummy. You've still only rolled over a handful of times from back to tummy, and even though you've rolled over 30+ times tummy to back, you very rarely roll over now. I don't think crawling is in your near future. But we shall see. You do, however, enjoy sitting on your own and sometimes are content to sit 30 minutes (sometimes longer) playing with whatever your sister brings your way!

Thankfully, your little tummy has grown more content too. I have reintroduced dairy back into my diet in moderation, and even though you're still a little gassy, I'm fairly certain that pizza and lattes can now be a part of my diet again.

You've also finally started to tolerate solids. You're favorites - squash, sweet potatoes and pears. You tolerate rice cereal, applesauce, bananas and avocados. You hate peas, at least as of right now. I'm a determined mama :)

You are still up 2-3 times during the night just to eat; you usually quickly fall back asleep. I'm patiently waiting for that day when you won't wake me up! The pediatrician tells me the magic day is 9 months old. We shall see about that!


Sarah said...

This sounds so familiar! Sam still rolls from back to tummy, but not nearly so often these days, and he's still not rolling from tummy to back hardly ever. He'd much rather sit up. He sat for a long time today since he had Kyna's kids to watch this morning... maybe even 30 minutes. Now I wish I'd thought to watch the clock.

As you probably saw, we're up 2-3 times (usually 2) at night as well, but it's easy back to sleep 99% of the time. Can't wait to introduce our babies to each other! Thanks for the update on Miss Hannah. :)

M & M said...

Brought back many memories. Thankfully the hardest, mostly distant now. They do seem to get easier in so many ways each day.