Thursday, March 17, 2011

the best of both worlds

The question: "Where do you come from?" has always been a difficult one to answer. Having lived all over the United States and the world, different people and places have helped make me who I am. Knowing that I'm an ambassador for the Lord, gives me great peace and security.

I have grown to love Texas - the independent spirit, more reasonable politics, southern food and most of its people. And yet I still have a large part of me up north. So it was GREAT to have my parents here over my mom's spring break. This week we truly got to experience the best of both worlds - sunshine, food, laughter and family.

We walked every day and enjoyed a beautiful Texas spring.

Rodney even took Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday off!

We headed to Houston's Zoo on Tuesday.

Even though we had the stroller with us, she walked most of the day with Rodney. She only rode in the stroller while she had a short snack...

We needed the picnic bench break more than she did!

But the long days took their toll. She only sucks her thumb when she's utterly exhausted. Grandpa enjoyed reading to her everyday. Every morning, she would wake Grandpa up and ask him to read her a "devo book"! Fortunately for all of us, the wake up call didn't come until around 8:00am:)

I made my parents key lime pie before they arrived. We enjoyed the pie so much that I used the rest of the key limes to make a second pie! Yum!

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Sarah said...

Wow... Abigail looks more like a little girl and less like a toddler!